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Model Application


This Personal Information is kept Private/Confidential. Must have valid ID and be 18+.

First Name: (REQUIRED!)
Last Name: (REQUIRED!)
Birth Month: (REQUIRED!)
Birth Date: (REQUIRED!)
Birth Year: (REQUIRED!)
Do you have a valid ID: YesNo (REQUIRED!)
Email: /35] (REQUIRED!)
Who Referred You? (REQUIRED!)

Your Description

Weight (in lbs):
Cock Size:
How Thick?:
Cut/Uncut?: CircumcisedUncircumcised
Cup Size (Female):
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Facial Hair:
Body Type:
Body Hair:
Sexual Orientation:
Favorite Sexual Position:
You are:

Your Sexuality

Check any/all activities you are willing to perform

Anal Sex Give It: with Menwith Women
Anal Sex Take It: with Menwith Women
Oral Sex Give It: with Menwith Women
Oral Sex Receive It: with Menwith Women
Rimming Give It: with Menwith Women
Rimming Receive It: with Menwith Women
Kissing: with Menwith Women
Vaginal Sex: with Women

Select any type of fetish you are into - leave blank if none

Leather: YesNo
Light S/M: YesNo
Heavy S/M: YesNo
Tickling: YesNo
Bondage (Dominant): YesNo
Bondage (Submissive): YesNo
Spitting: YesNo
Foot Fetish: YesNo
Spanking: YesNo

Are you into kink or extreme sex? Maybe like to piss on someone or be worshipped as a Master by a slave? We've heard it ALL, so be comfortable letting us know your extreme wild side (Leave blank if none.)

Check any special talents you have

Self SuckCum ShooterHuge LoadsGreat Actor

Performance Questions

Tattoos: YesNo
When are you available?:
Are you HIV+?: YesNo
Do you have any STDs?: YesNo
Do you have any medical conditions?: YesNo

Please describe any fetish involving cross-dressing that you enjoy (You like fucking a cross-dresser, getting sucked off by one, being one, etc.) Leave blank if None.

If you have experience, please specify here (don't worry, no experience necessary). Leave blank if None.

Do you talk dirty during sex? (there's no right or wrong answer on any of these): YesNo
What payment amount per shoot are you expecting? (Think LOW BUDGET VIDEOS)

My Type

The other performer can be: BearDaddyMusclemanTwinkJockBoy-Next-Door
The other performer's ethnicity can be: AsianBlackCaucasianLatinoOtherAny
The other performer's sexual orientation can be: GayBisexualStraight
The other performer's demeanor can be: MasculineNon-descriptEffeminate
The other performer's body type can be: Body BuilderBeefyAthleticSlightly OverweightSkinnyFat
The other performer's body hair can be: Naturally SmoothShaved SmoothSlightly HairyModerately HairyVery Hairy

Use this space to elaborate/explain any of the above questions:

Why do you want to perform in Adult Movies?

Any other comments?


  1. Photos are mandatory! Prepare to be asked for valid ID!
  2. Photos must not be older than 2 weeks and after you were 18 years old!
  3. Person in the photo must be YOU and YOU ONLY!
  4. Photos must be either JPG or PNG - no other file types accepted!
  5. Photo 1:
    Photo 2:
    Photo 3:
    Photo 4:
    Photo 5:

    Please be patient while pics upload to us. Someone will contact you immediately, so be ready to interview! 🙂

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